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Easy Explore Africa is a new but rapidly developing travel and tour wholesaler, looking at making travel, tourism and accommodation booking as easy and seamless as possible. It was borne out of the dire need to simplify how travel and hospitality booking is done, more particularly in Africa.

Perpetuators of this amazing project are senior hotel owners, travel managers, tour operators, airlines and DMCs that decided to bring their experience together and promote Africa as an ideal tourism destination, by creating an easy gate-way for marketing, promoting and booking tourism, travel and accommodation services.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our quest is to manage business travel and fulfill vacation dreams through our commitment to personalized, world-class service.

Our Essence

Our Essence

As members of the Easy Explore Africa Ltd management team, we provide the highest level of travel management in the industry.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We believe our generous service should exceed industry standards and be the best value for the customer. We promise you that.

Our Vibe

Our Vibe

We believe that consistent, ethical and quality performance with our customers and community will result in loyal, long-term relationships.

The Easy Explore Africa platform is an all-inclusive one stop center for all your tours/travel and hospitality needs, making it the first of its kind in the continent. With our multitudes of trusted brands in the industry, the platform is looking at being a seamless and user friendly supplier to meet the ever changing needs of prospective travelers.

At the moment, we are operating in the East African region, particularly Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. But we are looking forward to expanding our reach to more exciting destinations in Southern, Central and Northern Africa.

Our Partners

Accommodation providers.

We have partnered with 100+ accommodation providers of all categories and types, ranging from safari/jungle lodges, ocean resorts, hotels, guesthouses, motels and so much more.

All these accommodation facilities offer more than just rooms, but also F&B, Spa and health clubs, to all categories of travelers.

Tour operators & DMCs

Our partner tour operators are mostly local / native to be able to offer our esteemed travelers with first-hand authentic African experiences through a wide range of tour packages they offer. Variety of experiences offered by tour operators include gorilla trekking packages in Uganda and Rwanda, wildlife safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and beach holidays in Mombasa and Zanzibar.

Destination Management Companies are basically those particular operators that own or manage either natural or man-made attractions. East Africa has lots of such DMCs that we’ve partnered with to bring the real African experience to our users. These are history, cultural and natural museums, reptile centers, giraffe manors, elephant rehabilitation centers, wildlife zoos and education centers, and so much more.

Community-Based operators

Some of the Community Based Operators we work with include different women community groups, cultural groups, craft and art centers, youth tourism groups and community birding associations. Most of these community based groups have been informal and hard to be accessed by visitors, but through Easy Explore Africa, travelers have a chance to access, interact and share experiences with such exciting groups.

Travel agencies

Easy Explore Africa is a platform which brings together all suppliers of travel and transportation services. These include city taxis, cubs, car rentals, luxury vehicle hire, airlines and railway companies.


We have partnered with the Central Government of Tanzania, as well as the semi – autonomous government of Zanzibar to be able to easily access and utilize the facilities that are not owned and managed by private operators. We are engaging government authorities particularly to be able to increase our revenue earnings in a short run but also to ensure uniform development of East African countries and Africa as whole, beginning with Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland where the company is borne and based.

In future, we shall engage other governments in East Africa and seek partnerships in regards to usage of different facilities owned publicly, and later we shall cover the entire Africa as our vision is.

Such facilities include park ownedaccommodation facilities / camping areas / lunch picnic places, public ferries, government airlines, (speed) boats, railways and so many other facilities that may be developed / introduced from time to time by different countries where we operate, of course without compromising the required quality of our services.

Why Easy Explore Africa?


Easy Explore Africa aims at becoming Africa’s largest travel platform and leading authority for planning safaris, choosing accommodation properties and booking travel suppliers. We do this with the aim of not only making it easy for our visitors but also to limit costs through comparing variety of options, we expand your bargaining power and alternatives.

Throughout the entire process of inquiring, booking and reservation, we are confident you will get the best prices possible.

User-friendly and simplicity

Our platform is designed in a simple way to make sure the process of choosing and booking a tour or accommodation is never painful and time consuming. We understand getting a qualified tour operator to trust is never easy; not sure to send huge sums of money to an unknown operator or accommodation supplier; we are here to be a bridge between travelers and travel / hospitality experts, so that the process becomes smooth and never disappointing.

Promotion of East African (and African) Tourism

Tour operators and travel agencies from around East Africa jointly contribute to a wider visibility of East Africa and Africa at large. With over 100 safari packages listed by individual tour operators on Easy Explore Africa platform, you get a chance to know what each of the East African countries has to offer.

This is in addition to our rich blog section which details our travel experiences throughout East Africa, destinations in spotlight and lots of travel inspiration.

One-stop travel center

Easy Explore Africa is not just a business, but a family of like-minded travel enthusiasts that believe a world is small community of related cultures, that only become similar when explored.

Our idea was, is and will forever be to make this a travel community where all dreams come alive and where millions of travelers are enabled to travel, sleep, eat / drink and enjoy limitlessly.

High quality services

Easy Explore Africa strives entirely to offer quality services to her clients; right through the choice of partners, services, facilities, suppliers and delivery of these services. We only deal with experienced personnel, standard facilities, suppliers as well as government agencies/authorities that have agreed to adhere to our quality standards.

We are represented on: safaribookings.com

Our Team

Zanzibar Safari Offers

Shauri K. Abdullah

Founding Director
Zanzibar Safari Offers

Bakari Kondo

Operations Manager
Zanzibar Safari Offers

Othman Kondo

Sales Manager
Zanzibar Safari Offers

Kondo Kondo

Reservations Manager

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